What to Expect for Your Company’s Data Compliance Requirements

We have been thinking back to simpler times when data was carried on paper and it required physical access to break into somebody’s files. Outside the hospital and maybe the bank there were few obligations for caring for this information hoard and nobody’s business spent much money to do anything about it.

Now, after digitisation, networking, monetisation and democratisation of hacking tools, everybody worries about data and our businesses are spending billions to manage and protect it; and it’s about to get worse.

We prefer to help companies exploit their data to make money, rather than spend money treating data as a liability, and I would advise any company keeping such data and paying to manage it that your company should be looking for ways to make that data an asset, so it is worth holding. But these days we are paid to help companies comply with the exploding universe of rules for information management.

It took the bold and the restrict enforcement regimes of the GDPR to make UK law makers sit up and take notice, and now we are all spending lots of money to meet these new rules.

So what is next?  We think that in a few years time slight or significantly different versions of data management requirements will be in place.

So watch this space for further and more specific discussion of where the data laws will likely take us in coming years.

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