How to Empower Small Businesses with Compliance

Compliance can significantly save SMEs time and money and make achieving compliance more than a goal they never achieve.

Compliance is a top priority for organisations of all sizes and industries. However, ensuring compliance with industry regulations can prove particularly challenging for SMEs, which commonly lack the resources leveraged by larger enterprises.

To effectively help small and medium-sized businesses achieve compliance, you must first understand the difficulties they face in doing so. SMEs bound by regulations must devote time and effort to fulfilling their compliance related duties on a regular basis. Unlike larger companies, they often can’t afford to employ in-house compliance officers, so the responsibility of ensuring the business obeys regulations ends up on the plate of an already busy CEO, director, business manager, or office administrator.

Maintaining compliance is far from easy.

There’s auditing, daily enforcement of proper processes, and keeping up with current events to make sure the business continues to meet regulatory requirements. Due to the high importance of adhering to regulations and the amount of labour needed to properly do so, many small businesses turn to a third party to take over compliance, since outsourcing is more affordable than hiring an in-house staff member to oversee the process.

Subsequently, Stanley Carter presents a significant area of opportunity for SMEs seeking assistance.

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