Corporate Compliance

Don’t be complacent with your corporate compliance

As a normal citizen, we deal with compliance every day whether or not we are aware of it. Every time we obey traffic lights and stop our car when the light turns red, we are being compliant with local traffic laws. When we stand clear of the train doors after a train announcement, we are compliant with safety regulations.

Compliance is everywhere around us and the workplace is no different. But how does this everyday action translate to the business world? What does compliance mean for a company and how can businesses ensure they are maintaining their compliance?

What is the purpose of corporate compliance?

The purpose of corporate compliance goes beyond following the letter of the law. A recent study cited that almost two-thirds of organisations believe that their compliance efforts helped reduce the legal cost and resolution time of regulatory issues and fines.

Corporate compliance is about prevention as much as it is about obeying the law. The right compliance strategy can keep your company out of hot water, protect your employee data, and keep your company out of hot water.

To better understand where corporate compliance comes into play, we have outlined a common example of corporate compliance failure.

Does that sound like something straight out of a Mission Impossible film? It’s not; It’s actually happening to Goldman Sachs. The company is accused of promoting a company culture that enabled two of their bankers to steal billions from the Malaysian government. The Goldman Sachs x 1MDB scandal is just the latest example of a financial compliance failure.

Corporate compliance is about control and consideration. Is corporate compliance the most interesting part of your business model? Of course not; but it is a vital component to the health of your business. Before you decide to innovate to try and get ahead, make sure you are staying compliant in the process.

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