Brexit challenges and competitive advantage

As organisations seek to harness information to maintain and grow competitive advantage, the importance of developing a clear data strategy is becoming increasingly evident among enterprises. 

As the clock ticks on towards a no-deal Brexit on October 31st, the effects are already beginning on the UK economy.

The pound has hit a two-year low, and the economy contracted by 0.2% in the second quarter of this year. This is bad news for home based growth and a clear motivation for companies to look elsewhere for new opportunities, fuelling their move into new markets.

Not every business can follow Dyson’s business structure and set up a new HQ on another continent, but fast growth businesses looking to maintain their trajectory towards unicorn status are certainly eyeing the EU.

It’s clear that our nearest trading partners still exert a significant pull on UK enterprises consider Starling Bank’s recent £75m funding round to power their European expansion, or furniture retailer plans to move into four additional EU countries in 2019, bringing its total footprint to 13 across the continent.

Brexit will bring with it all kinds of challenges when looking to expand across the channel. One often overlooked challenge is around maintaining basic business communications.

Without a suitable communications plan in place for a post-Brexit transition, businesses may find it increasingly difficult to communicate with overseas offices, colleagues and contacts due to complex and varied regulatory requirements.

Businesses must consider that each new market must navigate the varying legal regimes and requirements, and make costly infrastructural investments with high potential costs (fines, operating restrictions, even criminal culpability for business owners) for getting it wrong. As a final anti inducement, many European regulators still accept only hard-copy paper-based applications in their native language to be filled out in triplicate.

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